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Autumn Equinox - Balance and Transformation
Into a balance of opposites…. So here we are, the Summer is gently fading and the Autumn Equinox is upon us. In Glastonbury the trees are just beginning...
Summer Solstice '23
The Longest Day, the Shortest Night and a Question to Change Your Life… Ah!… how we’ve waited for the sun! The year’s journey from dark to light has been...
Beltain - Fertility, The Life Force and Stepping Into Potential
Beltain Eve in Avalon – There be Dragons! It’s Beltain Eve: Amidst the ecstatic cries of the Dragon Drummers and the sweet smell of frankincense crowds gather...
Snowdrops 2
Imbolc 2023 - The First Whispers of Spring
Hello and welcome to my blog. In these articles I’m exploring the Celtic Wheel of the Year Festivals. These are my own musings on these yearly points after...
Winter Solstice - The Resting Sun and The Return of the Light
Sun rise on Glastonbury Tor 20th December 2022 by James Rippingale Into the darkest day….. It’s always amazed me how, as we near this darkest point of...
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