Beltain – Fertility, The Life Force and Stepping Into Potential

Beltain Eve in Avalon - There be Dragons!

It’s Beltain Eve: Amidst the ecstatic cries of the Dragon Drummers and the sweet smell of frankincense crowds gather to witness the Glastonbury Dragons processing up the high street. It’s so good to see the town alive and thriving again after the lockdowns of recent years. Today it’s clear the Glastonbury Magic is back in force with people of all denominations gathering on the high street to join the fun and revelry. 

Beltain is one of my favourite points in the Celtic Wheel of the Year and is traditionally a celebration of Life Force and fertility in ourselves and nature. The trees are greening again, blossoms are opening on the apple trees and hawthorne bushes and there is new life everywhere at last. Ah! – it’s so good to feel the earth spring back to life again after the long winter months!   

Since Samahin we traveled into the darkness, gathered our energies and gestated. As the sun returned at the Winter Solstice we began the journey towards the Spring and now, at last, the once skeletal trees have finally begun to burst forth with new life and expression. Yes! At last!  

The Merry Month of May

Many of the old Beltaine traditions are thriving and well here in Glastonbury. Tomorrow is Mayday and the Green Men will bring a freshly cut Maypole up to Bushy Coombe where it will be placed in the earth and dancers will weave ribbons around it symbolising the joining of male and female energies. Many will jump the fire in the Chalice Well gardens to purify, cleanse and bring fertility. Beltaine actually means “A Godly Fire” and on Beltain couples jump over the fire to pledge themselves to each other. 

There will also be a lot of fun, mischief and Mead! 

Throughout the day the town’s vibes rise in an energy of love and reverence for the Earth and each other that’s really difficult to describe. In the midst of the seeming chaos things just come together as if collectively tapping some old folk memory where the Earth’s burgeoning energies open our hearts and enliven our bodies.  

Following the Heart - Taking a Leap - Becoming......

So as nature and the life around me bursts with fertility and potential I’ve been taking my own steps into the unknown and new growth by taking a leap to become a Theta Healing Instructor. I’ve loved this technique/ philosophy for years; studying it, growing with it, deepening at every step. Healing myself and others and being healed by the kind and amazing souls I’ve been lucky enough to work with. I have assisted on many courses and now I want to bring what I love to more people. 

It’s not just the teachings and technique but also just the energy of it. The heart opening love-beauty of the work we do as Theta Healers is what I’ve been seeking for years. Socrates said that all learning is remembering, well that’s what this journey has been. Like washing the mud away so you can know once again what was always inside you. I think this is why the teachings resonate so much as I’m re-learning what I already felt to be true on some deep level.  

So I took the leap, jumped over my fear, trusted my guidance and trained to deliver the Basic, Advanced and Dig Deeper seminars.  It was an intense and amazing 11 day tunnel of learning and growth with the Stibal family and now I’m raring to go with plans to teach my first “Basic DNA”  in August -Yay! 

While preparing for Basic DNA I realised what a remarkable foundation in Spirituality it is; from meditation, co-creation, manifesting, quantum mechanics and the chakras, the power of words and speech, how to change our beliefs, connect with Source, access a Theta brain wave and communicate with our Guides and Angels it’s amazing.  As I’ve prepared I’ve found myself going deeper than ever before and “getting it” on a whole new level. It’s been wonderful and I’m so grateful for this experience.                  

What About You?

So, as the life force pulses and grows around you in this wonderful season and your creativity and fertility wax and expand, how can you step into your own unique potential right now? What’s been calling you from within? To go deeper, to take a leap, take a chance, to make a change? What’s the truth of who and what you really are and want to be and are you ready to become it? What delightful dream or burning desire is seeking expression from you now? 

Or – What inner nudge have you been ignoring? As the lifeforce seeks to express it’s self through and as you  – what have you been holding back on and are you ready to let go and become, to blossom like the apple trees…   

My friend I challenge you to go for it. Name your dreams and create them. Birth them into this reality. It’ll be worth it. Just the feeling of the flowing and expansion of the energy is worth it because you can do it, you are made of stardust and you have greatness within you. 

Love and Blessings 


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