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M's Spider Phobia - Gone!

(This healing session is described with permission from the client) 

Eeeek Spiders! A lifelong problem…….until now… 

M had feared spiders her entire life. In fact this phobia had plagued her for 29 years. At just the mention of them her throat would start to close up, her skin would crawl and she was very uncomfortable even discussing them in our session. Even the word “Spider” would make her twitch, a rogue spider loose in her bedsit would be enough to send her into panic and there was absolutely no way she’d let me screen share spider pictures with her (well at least to begin with……). 

The difference between good fear and bad fear 

Some fears are natural survival responses. If a hungry tiger jumped out and chased you then your fear would be a natural, helpful response to get you out of the way.   


On the other hand a phobia is an irrational fear response. It’s not helpful. It doesn’t serve you. It makes life difficult and M knew this, but felt powerless and no amount of rational thinking could overcome the automatic fear response her brain had created and it was spoiling her life.

Going a little deeper…

I asked: “On a scale of 1-10 where are you right now when you think of spiders?  1 is totally chilled, 10 is panic”.

“Oh it’s a 10!” she replied nervously.

Now this is super useful, using the SUD’s scale (Subjective Units of Discomfort) we can measure her experience.

I took her into a gentle guided meditation where we accessed her subconscious mind and were guided back to her childhood, where the problem started. We started to ask what benefits she was getting out of running the phobia.  


In Theta, Creator is the Healer and you are the witness.  It’s guided, like you’re following a stream of positive energy. As we followed the guidance the issue revealed itself to be much deeper, rooted in an unpleasant experience from her youth and some deeply held limiting beliefs.   


Together we uncovered and easily cleared the old beliefs using Theta Healing and M received the beautiful, spontaneous realisation that her spider phobia had actually brought her so many incredible blessings. 

Counting Blessings

Blessings? From a spider? Yes indeed! That little eight legged creepy crawly, that she’d feared had, in so many ways, shaped the amazing person she is now and helped her develop so many positive qualities. As she saw the blessings she started to feel very different about the whole thing.     

Measurable results 

I asked: “Where are you on a scale of 1 – 10 now when you think of spiders?” 


“Oh, now I’m a 5!”


“Good progress!” This time, while chatting about spiders, M was calm and even peaceful. She even let me screen share a Common House Spider with her. 40 mins earlier this would have been unbearable but now she calmly examined it with a new curiosity.  


“I never noticed…..” she giggled.  “Look at the funny patterns on it’s butt!”  

This was such a fun result! It’s fascinating that we can create these changes so swiftly and effectively. M had run her spider phobia nearly three decades, and yet we made this shift in just 40 mins! 


Of course there’s more to do and I’d love to help her reach 0/10 in the future. I’m super excited though about how this will shift her life moving forwards.  

Lasting Change

Did it last? Yes absolutely!  


We check in regularly and the effects have been long lasting. In fact a month later she sent me a video of a little money spider crawling over her hand while she calmly and peacefully observed. I’m so pleased for her.


And as I write this 3 months on she has just sent me a picture of a spider she’s sharing the afternoon with in a cafe while working on her business. He’s crawling about on the table and she’s enjoying his company on a sunny afternoon. How does it get any better than that? 

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