I’m so excited to introduce these new meditation evenings, live, in person at Forest Song in Glastonbury, UK!



Join me for an evening of meditation and energy healing where you can relax, meditate and enjoy energy clearings and Theta Healing downloads in the intimate surroundings of Glastonbury’s Forest Song (above Sons of Asgard on Glastonbury High Street).


Spaces are limited to just 8 people per event so please please reserve you place in advance by email: 



What to expect?

The opportunity to relax and replenish your energy and also to receive a wash of energy clearings and Theta Healing downloads. 

I’ll be using Theta Healing to gently guide you into deep relaxation where  we’ll access the Theta brain state experiencing feelings of peace and tranquillity. From there we’ll explore the topic of the evening and I will offer teachings, downloads and energy clearings to help you feel wonderful, renewed and uplifted.      

Each Evening Has a Theme

Feb 27th – Inviting Prosperity 



March 26th  – Building Happy Relationships



April 23rd – Chakra Balance 



May 28th – Raise Your Vibration!  



June 25th – Heal, Release and Kick Ass



July 30th – Manifest Your Destiny

Where is it?

Forest Song in Glastonbury above the Sons of Asgard shop on Glastonbury High Street. 


When you book your place by email we will send directions and an entry code so that you can find it easily.   

Is this for you ?

This is for you if: 


You’re curious about Energy Healing and would like to learn more.


You just want to chill out and have some time for you 🙂 


You want to create the experience of peace and tranquility for yourself.  


You’d like to uplevel your energy and your life.


You are interested in the Theta Healing technique and would like a direct experience.  


You would like to make positive changes in the are of the chosen topic for the evening.


You would like to meet new friends and like minded people.


Theta Healing is easily compatible with a wide range of Spiritual beliefs.

Whatever you’re into you’re welcome!

The only prerequisite is a belief in a higher power

and we are good to go!        

When is it?

7:00pm – Meet together in Forest Song (Above Sons of Asgard) at 7:00pm 


7:15pm – Doors close and meditation starts


8:00pm – Water and a chance to share your experience with other participants


8:30pm – Finish 🙂 

How much is it?

Just £8 per person. 

How do I book?

Email me directly in advance to reserve your place:






I look forward to hearing from you.