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Courtney Clark – Health Coach


Kirstie KostarSinger/ Songwriter

Nomad Soul Song Tutor

Lynn Whittaker

Life Coach and McTimoney Practitioner

“James is a gentle giant of a Theta Healer. The lightness of his work leads to profound and lasting changes throughout your system. It has to be experienced to be believed and to fully appreciate the magical impact it has”


Global Healing and Evolution Network

“James is very much a natural when it comes to assisting others to go deep into their beliefs and to transform them. He has a gentle, focused and compassionate approach which makes one feel safe, and able to go deep into issues with him very easily. He has a unique ability of being able to work at the deepest levels with ease and gentleness. His passion and love for doing this work also enhances the sessions and their power I feel. The sessions have always left me feeling happy and with a celebratory feeling as strong beliefs that have affected me greatly in this life are cleared and replaced with life affirming energies. I would highly recommend James to anyone who wishes to permanently transform their state of being and their lives. I feel his gentleness and relaxed manner make him very easy to feel safe with and explore and release deep seated beliefs.”

Linda Combes

- Glastonbury, UK

“During our sessions James was so focused. He patiently explored my issues, gradually unearthing, and healing, the real root of my problems. I highly recommend both James and Theta Healing”

Mei Jennings

Air BnB - Glastonbury, UK

“The perfect time to invest in Theta! Feeling so much more confident and calm, thanks to James. Empowered by his energy and connected at a time when things seem uncertain. Getting rid of limiting beliefs allows you the potential to heal and be your very best! Highly recommended!”

Kirstie Costar

Singer, Songwriter Nomad Soul Song Tutor

"I have been working with James since January 2021 and it has changed my life. James is such a kind, patient and understanding man who I feel very comfortable sharing my vulnerabilities with knowing he will support me without judgement. Prior to working with James I could feel that I was being held back from achieving more creatively and sharing my voice. We found this came from a belief that something negative would happen to me if I did. By letting go of this belief and exchanging it for a more positive set of beliefs I have watched my life change. I now am teaching others, sharing my music and not letting myself get in my own way! This has led me to attracting many positive and creative people into my life and allowed me to embrace new experiences without fear. Working with James has been a deeply powerful, healing and freeing experience. I have recommended James to my friends and each of them have also had a profound healing experience. "

Angela Sessions

Shamanic Practitioner


"Had a fantastic session with James this morning. I’ve been working with energy healing for over 20 years and theta healing is something I hadn’t tried before. I was very impressed. Will definitely be up for another session. Thanks James"