The Gentle Art of Unfolding

The Gentle Art of Unfolding

A 7 Week Transformational Programme

7 x 1.5hr Weekly Theta Healing Sessions with James


With ongoing support to help you change your beliefs and change your life

Deep down you know you’re more than your current circumstances

You know your worth more, you’re capable of more and you 

came here to do something extraordinary!


and the truth is:


 You really can change your limiting beliefs!

You can release your fears!  

and you can change your life 


Here’s how it works: 

Shift Your Limiting Beliefs
With Energy Healing

The Power of Belief

There’s a force directing your life every moment of every day. It shapes your decisions, fears, successes and failures. It controls what’s impossible or possible for you and shapes your very destiny.


This force is the incredible power of your beliefs.

Your beliefs can lead to success, love, happiness and fulfilment 

or they can drive you to self sabotage, to crash and burn 

or to spin in circles of confusion. 

Its up to you.


And let’s face it, most of your beliefs are not what you 

would consciously choose. 

Instead they were inherited from parents, teachers, caregivers, society, the media etc and possibly your genetics, past lives 

and the collective consciousness.

The path of empowerment is to dissolve these 

inner limitations and set yourself free

Until you make the unconscious 

conscious it will direct your life

and you will call it fate 

– Carl Jung

   The Gentle Art of Unfolding  

is a 7 week Transformational Journey 

where you release your blocks and change your life.   



In 7 weeks and 7 sessions  we work together to go deep, peel back the layers, release what no longer serves and renew your energy.



It’s intuitively guided and deeply honours your free will 

as you identify your limitations 

and dissolve them once and for all.    

So let me ask you: 


What’s stopping you right now? 

What would you love to be, do, have or create? 

What do you need to bust through in order to do that?     

With this work you can

  • Clear your fears
  • Clear self- sabbotage
  • Overcome phobias
  • Take charge of  your mind
  • Align you beliefs with your desires to achieve your goals  
  • Release old past hurts and traumas
  • Set Yourself Free
  • Clear low vibrations such as guilt and shame
  • Create success in any area of your life

I invite you to join me for 


The Gentle Art of Unfolding

7 Weeks

7 Healing Sessions

Time for you to change your life


A Change of Belief is a Change of Destiny!

All Gentle Art of Unfolding Sessions are exclusively delivered 1:1 by James via Zoom

About James: I’m James a Theta Healing Practitioner/Instructor based in Glastonbury, UK. 


I’m passionate about sharing  this amazing modality and it’s incredible opportunities for transformation. 



After hundreds of sessions working with clients all over the world from business owners and CEOs to psychics, healers, spiritual teachers, entrepreneurs and more I’m amazed and by the endless possibilities of Theta Healing to positively change the lives of anyone it touches.  



I’m a qualified Instructor and regularly teach  Theta Healing courses with students internationally. This work is my joy.      



I designed the Gentle Art of Unfolding for people who want to go deep, shift their limitations and bring their unique work to the world and I invite you to join me!   

Working with James has been a deeply powerful, healing and freeing experience. I have recommended James to my friends and each of them have also had a profound healing experience. “

-Kirstie Costar – Singer, Songwriter, Nomad Soul Song Tutor 

“James is a gentle giant of a Theta Healer. The lightness of his work leads to profound and lasting changes throughout your system. It has to be experienced to be believed and to fully appreciate the magical impact it has”

– Lynn Whittaker – Life Coach and McTimoney Chiropractor 

During our sessions James was so focused. He patiently explored my issues, gradually unearthing, and healing, the real root of my problems. I highly recommend both James and Theta Healing”

– Linda Combs, Glastonbury, UK  

I would highly recommend James to anyone who wishes to permanently transform their state of being and their lives. I feel his gentleness and relaxed manner make him very easy to feel safe with and explore and release deep seated beliefs.”

– Jabeen – GHAEN – Global Healing and Evolution Network 

Book now and receive this amazing
Get Results Workshop with James!

An exclusive and personal 1 hour session with James for you to:


Set clear goals for your future   

Work out where you are and where you want to go 

Work out what’s in the way and how you can break through it!   

Create a powerful MAP (Massive Action Plan) and 

supercharge your success.

Results Workshop with James – Valued @ £100…. 

FREE when you book the package!

The Gentle Art of Unfolding  

Special Introductory Pricing


7 x 1.5 hr Theta Healing Sessions with James 

Valued @£100 each 

BONUS – Get Results Workshop 

Value = £100

Total Value = £800


Buy now and you get all this 

for just £500!

(£300 SAVING)   

100% Session 1 Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you are unhappy or don’t like the package by the end of the FIRST SESSION then just tell us and you will receive a full refund! Why do people love this so much?    

Watch this videos of my client Courtney describing her  own powerful healing journey. 

Join me for The Gentle Art of Unfolding