Are you ready to change your beliefs and change your life?

I use energy healing to help people release old disempowering beliefs and replace them with helpful empowering ones.



Your beliefs are like unconscious programs that run your life, much like the programs on a computer they work deep down in the mind often on a subconscious level, without our conscious awareness.


So how does this affect you? Well, many psychologists believe that up to 95% of our behavior is subconsciously directed, therefore the patterns and beliefs you hold deep within have a massive impact on your life, on your happiness and welbeing and on your success in any venture.



My job here is to help you get free of old limitations and bring in powerful positive new beliefs and feelings so that you can move confidently in the direction of your dreams and get the results you truly desire. 

Grow Your Abundance

Release your abundance blocks, the limiting unconscious beliefs that stop you for achieving the abundance you deserve.

Create Loving Relationships

Your most important relationship is with you. and everything stems from this. Clear old negative patterns and cultivate a loving, accepting relationship with yourself. Develop your self love and self care as you cultivate love within. As you do this your relationships with others will unfold in beautiful ways.

More Creativity and Joy!

Release old negative patterns and let your true light and happiness shine through

Cultivate Your Intuition

The best guidance is the guidance comes from within! You have the most amazing guidance system right inside you. Throughout the healing sessions will will help you to connect more and more to your inner guidance and powerful intuition.

What can you expect in a Healing Session?

In a “nutshell” here is what we do:

1 - Set an intention for the healing session

To begin we first establish where you are and where you want to go.  Each session focuses on just one issue at a time and we work together deeply to clear it and create the changes you desire.

2 - Find the root cause of the issue

We work together to find the root cause of the issue. This will usually be a limiting belief deep in the subconscious mind.

3. Clear the issue and bring in new empowering patterns

Using cutting edge Energy Healing techniques we work together to clear the limiting beliefs and bring in empowering new ones and empowering feelings.  This is done through a gentle process of meditation using energy healing. 

4. Test the result with energy testing

Using energy testing we test that the issue has fully cleared at the deepest level. Clients often feel a lightness and natural joyfulness from connecting with the high vibrational energy. 

With this work can:


  • Clear specific fears and anxieties
  • Release old emotional baggage – resentments, rejections and regrets etc
  • Release emotional blocks to success, abundance and happiness
  • Cultivate your natural intuitive abilities
  • Change your beliefs to change your life

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