What can I expect from a healing session?

We work together to change your beliefs and  change your life

The energy healing I do helps people release limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering ones through a form of gentle meditation. This has a wide variety of uses and can help you release your emotional blocks, raise your vibration and empower your life in really remarkable ways.


Our sessions are Intuitively Guided

Sessions are intuitively guided. We start by setting a clear intention followed by a gentle meditation to guide you into the Theta Brain State. Many people report a great sense of peace, connection and feelings of relaxation and well-being when they do this.


We work together to get to the root of the problem

We work together to locate the root causes of the issue, uncovering limiting beliefs and patterns deep in the subconscious mind. This is called “Digging”. Often clients discover beliefs that they never new were active and certainly wouldn’t consciously choose to harbor. 


We clear the issue with Energy Healing

Once the root cause is found we use energy healing to release the limiting patterns etc and to bring in new empowering beliefs and feelings. The process is elegant, efficient and beautiful and can yield amazing results.


Laser like focus – working on one issue at a time

It’s so crucial to focus on one issue per session and go deep so that you get the most out of the healing. I always ask clients to consider which one issue they would like to work on before the session so that we can work with clear intent.

Healing in the “Emotional Forest”

A good way to picture this is to imagine an “Emotional Forest” where some trees represent unwanted issues. There may be a “Tree of Resentment”, a “Tree of Guilt”  and a tree of “Childhood Trauma”. It makes much more sense to focus on uprooting one emotional tree at a time ensuring that it is fully cleared and then plant beautiful trees and flowers in it’s place. 

Likewise, it is very unhelpful to skim across multiple surface issues in one session.  This is like just trimming the tops off the “emotional trees” – it won’t clear them and they’ll just grow back.  


Instead we focus, with clear intent and intuitive guidance on one issue per session and work together to really heal and transform it so you can create the changes you desire.


What if I have multiple issues and that I want to heal? 

Some deep seated issues are more complex or have multiple causes and therefore may well require multiple sessions.

If you have several issues you’d like to work on this is fine simply book  session so that we can handle each one.


Peace, Love and Connection to Source

Welcome to a beautiful process of self discovery and unfoldment bringing us into ever greater alignment with Source. Clients often leave a session feeling lighter, uplifted and inspired. Ready to take new actions and move forwards in new ways. 

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