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Acknowledging Your Awesomeness

I recently heard a beautiful story about a young lady who was experiencing great challenges in her life. She started the practice of sitting with a crystal every evening and simply noticing the things that had gone well that day. This one simple practice started to change her life. 


You see we are wired to notice problems. One one level we’re wired for survival. For example you have a successful day with many little mini achievements, insights, breakthroughs throughout the day and yet you go to bed ruminating on the one failure, rude customer, bad driver etc. Familiar? It’s quite natural really. You see we have to practice noticing the good, the happy synchronicities and acknowledging our baby steps forward.


“What is wrong is always available, and so is what’s right”   – Tony Robbins


This young girl’s story inspired so much that I began a similar practice myself. Journaling in the evening on what had gone well. Now honestly I don’t manage every day but if I don’t manage it in the evenings I’ve found this to be a great Sunday night practice like a weekly review and set up for the week to come, a time to capture and celebrate all the little wins and blessings.  


Our big wins and successes are really built out of lot’s of little wins and  micro-successes. Success is built out of an accumulation of wise actions over time.  For example you chose the healthy option for lunch, you got up early and went for a run, you surprised a friend with a gift, you stepped out of your comfort zone and did something a little scary, etc. Acknowledging these can be extremely powerful. 


As I started this practice I noticed my mood lifted. I realised just how many positive events really had occurred in just one day, how much I’d got done, how many moments of sweetness, play and fun I’d experienced. 


On an energetic level Abraham-Hicks teaches us that all you need to do to change you life is to start noticing that which pleases you around any given issue.  It’s so simple and effective and yet it cultivates an inner environment of inspiration and happiness that the feeds into my next day, my interactions, client sessions etc. You see, so much is going well if we take time to notice!  


So lovely creative sparkly reader I invite you to give it a go: 


What have been some synchronicities, successes, sweet moment and moments of fun recently in your life?


What was the most cherished moment so far this week?  


When did you step out of your comfort zone, speak up for yourself, try something new – let’s acknowledge that.


When were you generous, kind, understanding, patient?


When were you determined, mentally or physically strong or show self-discipline? Lets’ acknowledge that too


 ……..and if writing isn’t for you then I invite you to sit with a crystal, hold it in your hand ask “Who and what can I be grateful for today” “what went well”, “what did I love” questions open new doors in the mind. Here some energetic downloads to help with the process (say yes out loud if you would like to receive)….


  • Would you like to know how it feels to be blessed, abundant and loved? 
  • You would like to know what gratitude feels like and that you can feel grateful for blessings every day? 
  • Can we show you the Creator’s highest definition and perspective of gratitude and what this feels like? 
  • Would you like to know how it feels to acknowledge yourself each step of the way and how it feels to treat yourself with kindness, respect and to acknowledge your unique gifts, blessings and contribution to the world.


I hope that this serves you and I’d love to know how you get on 🙂 


With Peace and Blessings



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