Theta Healing Basic DNA

November 10-12, 2023 in Live in Person in Glastonbury with James

Begin your Theta Healing Journey in Magical Glastonbury!

What is Theta Healing?

Theta Healing is a remarkable Energy Healing Modality created by Vianna Stibal that helps you access limiting beliefs deep in the subconscious mind and replace them with empowering ones.  


In Short: With Theta Healing you can Change your Thoughts – Change Your Life. And all this is done with energy healing, as you change your deep beliefs you change your thoughts, habits and behaviours and ultimately get better results in your life.  



ThetaHealing is an amazing, practical way to  create real change for yourself and others. With study and practice anyone can learn to do this and so can you.

Using a gentle meditation Theta Healers can access the Theta brainwave, a state associated with higher spiritual awareness. In this state you feel calm and connected, your heart opens  and you can receive love and guidance from the Creator. From this state you can do many remarkable things  – and it feels wonderful!       

What will I learn on the Basic course?  

In Theta Basic DNA you can:

  • Learn an easy meditation technique to access the Theta brainwave bringing a sense of peace, calm and connectedness. 
  • Learn to quickly and easily change your limiting beliefs for empowering ones with energy healing.
  • Learn how to energy scan your yourself and other. 
  • Communicate with your Angels, receive advice and guidance from your spiritual team with decernment. 
  • Learn to open and cleanse your psychic centres and increase your psychic abilities
  • Learn to Manifest with the Theta Brainwave and use this technique to create results in your life

…….and so much more.  

How will I know if this is for me?

This is for you if:


  • You’re ready to invest in your growth and development with an amazing tool that can positively impact all areas of your life. 
  • You’re committed to personal growth.
  • You love spirituality and are open to new ideas and teachings  
  • You’re ready release inner blocks, shift limiting beliefs, drop the emotional baggage and move forward in life. 
  • You’re seeking Spiritual growth and looking for ways to take life to a whole new level.
  • You believe in a Higher Power that connects all things and want to learn to work with it more in your life 
  • You want to feel more connected to your guides and angels and access the love and guidance that’s already within you.



If so, then this is for you!   


Take your first steps in Theta Healing in beautiful Glastonbury!

Join me for Theta Healing Basic DNA, November 10th -12 2023 in Glastonbury. 


I’ve limited this course to only 4 spaces so that you can get plenty of guidance and detailed information to start on your Theta Healing journey.   

Steeped in myth and legend Glastonbury attracts pilgrims from all around the globe. For thousands of years people have come to sample  its amazing energy and rich history.    

Class starts at 11:30am each day giving you plenty of time to explore the town and surrounding landscape, climb the majestic Tor, relax in the Chalice Well Gardens and visit the Abbey.

Do you love shopping? Glasto is teaming with Esoteric bookshops, crystal sellers and places where you can buy all manner of spiritual items, incense, essential oils and the like. There is a selection of delightful cafes and restaurants with great coffees and snacks too! 

With so many Theta courses running online this is a great opportunity to experience the energy and connection of an in person class in this remarkable town. 

Theta Healing Basic DNA - Live In Person in Glastonbury

Availablity: Only 4 spaces 

Booking: Open 20/10/23 until November the 8th 2023

Instructor: James Rippingale  

Click here to view the course on the official Theta Healing Website




When: 10 – 12 November 2023

Location: Old Market Court, Glastonbury, Somerset

Price Includes:

  • Theta Healing Basic DNA Manual 
  • Theta Healing Book by Vianna Stibal
  • Theta Healing Basic DNA Certificate (on completion of full course)