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Belief change is one of my favourite subjects and is central to the work I do helping people on a daily basis. Your beliefs are the key to the changes, big or small, that you would like to make in your life. Changing your beliefs opens doors in your consciousness and awakens your latent potential. It can help you get what you really want and live your best life as the happiest, most successful version of you.   


Our beliefs are a powerful force that govern our destiny, habits, behaviours and, whether we realise it or not, to a great extent run our lives. 


So let’s look a little closer……


What is a belief?


Simply put a belief is: 


A story about ourselves, other people or the 

world that we feel great certainty about


An example of a deep belief could be my partner Sophie who has been a Vegan for 20 years. She has such a deep belief that it is morally wrong to kill any animals for food and such a deep love of them that it is really easy and automatic for her to avoid meat and dairy products. Her nervous system runs this programme for her, it’s automatic and effortless to her and feels natural and easy.  So just imagine what it would be like if you could do this for your own goals? Imagine if you could have have such clear strong belief that you automatically move in the direction of your dreams and visions expecting them to be fulfilled without blockages or self sabotage.  


Well that’s what this work is all about.          


Told Ya So!…… 

Have you ever noticed that once someone has formed a strong belief around a subject they tend to negate anything that contradicts it but they easily notice anything  supporting it? Psychologists call this the Confirmation Bias – We all do it. You see, the world we all live in is the same but we all perceive it differently. Our belief systems are like a lens that filters our reality and can cause chaos and failure or success and fulfilment. It’s really up to us. The question we must ask ourselves is, “Are these beliefs serving me? Are they taking me where I want to go, Are they helpful?” 


For example imagine how someone with the strong belief “People are shi*ty” experiences the world. Their brain will automatically seek out confirmation. “Oh that person was rude – told ya!” “This person was nasty – you see. It’s true!”.


At the same time they automatically filter out contradictory evidence for example; the kind shop assistant, the friendly stranger, the child feeding birds in the park etc. See how this works?   


How to use belief work to achieve your goals.

Have you ever felt like you were driving along in life with your foot on the accelerator and the breaks on at the same time? One is moving you forwards the other is resisting and creating friction all the way? For example you try very hard to eat healthily and stick to a fitness plan only to find yourself yet again at McDonalds at 11pm hoovering up a McFlurry in a mad feeding frenzy? Familiar? 


You see, as you set compelling goals and build strong, empowering beliefs these will certainly help you move in the direction of your dreams (accelerator) but this, alone is not enough, you must also root out and release limiting beliefs (take the break off), otherwise you may be taking lots of action with a great strategy and at the same time sabotaging your results and getting nowhere. The good news is, lovely people, this can change! 


The unexamined life is not worth living – Socrates


It’s important to realise that these limiting beliefs are often unconscious, we’re not aware of them even though they’re shaping our lives. We often did not choose them but inherited them from parents, friends, peer group, educators and more. With ThetaHealing we can root them out and release them easily replacing them with empowering beliefs and feelings. As we do this our vibration, thoughts, feelings and actions change and we start to create better results in our lives.   

Example – Blowing the lid off your “wealth cap” 

“Wealth caps” are fascinating belief systems where someone has put a limit on their own earnings. Most of us have done this at some point and it’s so fun to blow them out of the water and see what happens! 


They might go like this:


“It’s not safe for me to earn above £30000 p.a.”


“It’s not safe for me to save more than £3000”


“If I earn it I must spend it” 


“My parents will disapprove of me if I earn more than £40,000 

p.a and I’ll lose their love” 


 Etc etc………


Can you see how someone running these beliefs will most likely sabotage their abundance? I love to clients release these, and we then play with the numbers and bring in new empowering beliefs and feelings so they can create limitless earning potential. Yay!          


Another example is the classic “Money is Evil”. This limiting belief is so prevalent in our culture and so many of us running it deep down. Can you imagine how a person might push money away or avoid earning if they harbor this belief? If “Money is Evil” they push money away and limit their life’s expression. 


Money is really neutral, a means of energy exchange and is an expression of the person who uses it. It’s neither good nor bad. It is so fun and freeing to help a client release “Money is Evil” and replace it with “Money is Good”, “Money is an expression of Divine Energy is physical form” or “The more money I have the more good I can do”, etc.


I hope this has given you a glimpse into the potential we all have to change, grow and evolve through belief change. It’s such a fascinating and deep subject and I’ve only scratched the surface here but I hope this has helped you. If you would like to work on your own beliefs there are various ways to do this including traditional NLP and Coaching techniques. 


If you would like me to help you using ThetaHealing then you can book your FREE CONSULTATION below. 


Thanks for reading.

Peace and Blessings


Lots of Love



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