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Healing for Creative People

Inviting you to heal yourself and bring your best creations to the world


If you’re a creative person you are most probably really driven, you know what you love, love what you do and what you create. You want to live from and follow your heart and your joy and you know just how amazing it feels to connect with Inspiration and bring it into form. Truly life as an artist can be so fulfilling and amazing!


Releasing Creative Blocks

As a creative you’ll also know just how many obstacles you can face in bringing your best work out into the world. Y’know the self-doubt, comparison with others (Marie Forleo calls this drinking the comparison Schlager – it’s poisonous and if you have too much you’ll puke!), not feeling good enough, educated enough, brave enough, young enough, old enough, fear of criticism, fear of being misunderstood, fear of jealousy, fear of being seen or fear of not being seen at all – Ah! the list goes on…..Sound familiar?


Sweet creative being the world needs your unique gifts!

The world needs your creations and your art matters. When you reach into your heart to grow and create – that is such a beautiful and significant act and don’t you feel the world needs more of this?

Just imagine if your favorite creative person, artist or musician had never faced their fears, dug deep and brought their unique art into the world. Imagine how history would have suffered if Bob Dylan had given up in the early 60’s or if Tony Robbins had sacked it all off and stayed as a school caretaker.


What If Picasso had thrown his paints in the wheelie bin, Elgar had just taken over his Dad’s shop or Shakespeare had ignored his muse and got a day job. What if Mozart had chosen not to transcribe the exquisite music he heard or Bob Marley or Springsteen……. or (gasp!) The Beatles or…….. (just fill in the blank with your favorite artist, writer or musician) Yikes! – The world would be a lesser place wouldn’t it? A sadder place? Where would we go for comfort, inspiration, to sing our hearts out or a good boogie?


All these people faced their shadows and brought their gifts to the world anyway – and the world needs your unique gifts too! I really believe that you have something special and unique to offer.


My Story – Creativity and Energy Healing

I’ve been a professional guitarist for over 20 years and experienced first hand the highs and the lows of creative life. The breakthrough triumphs and the rejections, the moments of Inspiration and sweet creative flow and the seemingly immovable blockages and obstacles….

As I continue to explore energy healing more and more and witness how it can help us to change our beliefs, release our fears and uplift our lives I see more and more how it can help musicians and creative people on our own unique journeys.

(BTW you can hear my music @


I’ve had amazing experiences with ThetaHealing and my own playing and composing. Moments when I cleared things and my own channel just opened and music come out of nowhere. I once read that Stravinsky said his masterpiece The Rite of Spring just passed through him and that he acted as a vessel. In my own humble way I’ve experienced this too and I’d like the same for you.

Energy Healing is an amazing way to clear blocks, fears and resistance so that your creativity can flow through you. A way to connect to feelings of inspiration, love, peace. A way to open the heart wide.


If you’re a creative person then I’d love to share this work with you. If you want help on your own healing journey, help getting over your fears or with unleashing your own creativity then sweet amazing creative person I’d be so happy to work with you.


Thank you so much for reading


Peace and Blessings



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