Imbolc 2023 – The First Whispers of Spring


Hello and welcome to my blog. In these articles I’m exploring the Celtic Wheel of the Year Festivals. These are my own musings on these yearly points after six years in magical Glastonbury.   

Imolc (pronounced “im-molc”) is the festival that heralds the end of the winter quarter of the year and the beginning of the Spring. At Imbolc the earth is just starting to reawaken the life force having rested and gestated within is now ready to rise up meet the the Spring. Imbolc is characterised by the arrival of Snowdrops in this part of the world and although it is still cold and the trees are bare the days are getting longer and if we look carefully there are the first signs of new life in the budding trees. The ancestors saw Imbolc as a festival of light and purification and this was adopated later on by the Church who named this point in the year Candlemas.     

Imbolc in Avalon…

Here in Glasto, I have to be honest, the coming spring is still a faint whisper….. I‘ve been donning my walking boots and exploring the Abbey in search of snowdrops to photograph and there are just a sparse few speckled around. They are so cute though, just beginning to push up through the soil with their bell-like flowers and pure white petals. I feel a sense of waiting, like the energy is still under the Earth, gestating gathering its life force ready to break through. 

Healing Tales

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery

None but ourselves can free our mind

– Bob Marley (Redemption Song)

Recently many of my clients have reflected the burgeoning energies of the land and are seeking to move to the next levels in their lives, romances and businesses, to release the old patterns and create new bright futures. 

And It’s quite natural that, as we step into the unknown,  we experience some resistance or discomfort. 

Your stuff comes up, your fears show themselves, you get spooked and that’s  completely normal. This is where Theta Healing can be so powerful in releasing old beliefs, fears and patterns. You get to go deep into your blocks, dissolve them and set yourself free. Whoop! 

Fear stops so many of us, yet hidden behind every fear is a limiting belief and these can be cleared. As you clear the beliefs the fears dissolve. 

And, honestly, this can be a very beautiful process. So many times after sessions I find myself saying “Wow, thank you so much, that was such fun!”  Contrary to popular belief, healings don’t have to be traumatic and painful. The fear people have of “shadow work” in my opinion comes simply from having blunt tools. When you work directly with the “Creator” energy healing can be quick, easy and a really beautiful experience.   

On some level your Soul is SOOOOO, so ready for this change. The greater part of you seeks expansion and expression and is whispering “Let’s go, go, go!….” You are ready, honest, and you can do it.   

So as the Snowdrop feels life’s impulse to grow, burst through the earth and climb towards the light, to open itself and express its beauty, so do you. I encourage you to follow that impulse and use your healing tools to help you along the way as you grow into ever greater expression.    

Talking of self growth/ unfoldment this brings me onto the thorny topic of……

Erm…..well……about the New Year’s Resolutions…….

Everything is Figureoutable


– Marie Forlio, Author of Everything is Figureoutable

founder of B- School 

This is a funny time of year for New Years resolutions isn’t it? We’re often so pumped on New Years Eve just to slump a few weeks later. The optimism fades and we go back into our old patterns and behaviours once again. It’s sad and a common experience…. 

What can we do? 

First I don’t do New Year Resolutions.  Instead I believe in All Year Round Juicy Goal Setting. I like to know what I’m working towards and, as a Sagittarius, I’m never happier than when galloping gleefully off after some worthy goal. I suggest a clear set of juicy goals that light you up and a manifesting list that you look at regularly. 

Studies show that we are way more motivated by short term goals than big, drawn out long term ones. Eg. If I have 4 weeks to write my blog I procrastinate but if it’s due tomorrow (which it is lol!) suddenly the ideas flow and I take action. By all means have audacious, huge-mongous mega visions but then chunk them into smaller baby ones with deadlines.  

We’re hyped and optimistic on New Year because we’re deliberately looking towards a bright new  compelling future – a better life. We feel the deliciousness of this new bright future and it lights us up. We feel it’s possible, we can do it  and things are going to be even better. The key moving forwards is to keep that grand vision activated and alive so that we stay energised. But how? 

Here’s a morning motivation ritual I adapted from Brendon Burchard’s work.

A Motivation Ritual

Each morning: 

1. Visualise, see and feel your goal as complete and already done. Involve all your senses in the “feeling of the wish fulfilled”. What does this give you? How does it help you? Feel the gratitude and the love. An awesome way to do this is to use the Theta Healing Manifesting Meditation click HERE

2. Ask “Why do I know that I can do this?” and write down all the reasons. If you’re not sure how then remember that self confidence is the belief in your ability to figure things out. “Everything is Figuroutable” If you don’t know it you can learn it, research it  or hire someone who does. 

3. Ask yourself “What three small steps can I take today to bring this to fruition”, write them down and do them. As you take action on your goals you become more congruent with who you want to become, you teach yourself that when you set an intention you act on it and this builds your sense of confidence and integrity. Break it down, pick three simple specific steps and take action! You can do it! 

This process is so invigorating. A perfect balance of spiritual manifesting; reaching out into the world of quantum possibilities and good old put your boots on physical action.


We. Need. Both.


I don’t know anyone who just visualises and……Tadah!  Cash, soul mates and satisfying work just zoom magically down the chimney (although if you can do this I’d love to meet you and become your student!)


We must combine the Spiritual and the physical. It is said that physical action is the greatest vibrational offering you can make.                            

Socialise it!

The other thing I’ve found really helpful is socialising my goals. I recently committed to a 12 week workout programme, (Here’s a link) a gruelling and intense process with 5 workouts a week over 3 months. To ensure success I shared my commitment with my client base on instagram. I just can’t flunk this infront of my clients – not an option.

I hope these ideas serve you and that you feel inspired to put them into action. I’ve had to research solutions because of my own tendency to slump at this time of year or to lose my way in general so I speak from experience. I’ve felt first hand how helpful it can be to change beliefs, release blockages and have rituals in place to keep myself focused and on track. I also know how it can be to lose the joy and optimism and have to climb back to myself. I hope these writings serve you and contribute in some way to your happiness and unfoldment.      


A Practice for Connecting with Imbolc - The Spiral of Love

I adapted this from various sources please feel free to use it as you wish.  As Imbolc has long been associated with candle light I thought it would be fun to offer a candle ritual. This practice spirals out in love and appreciation from what is closest to you, to your family, pets, friends, family and loved ones and beyond. It’s a gratitude practice and gratitude is the key to happiness. The idea is also to create a spiral of candles as you go – your own little festival of light. You’ll need a big bag of tea lights, a large surface and a lighter. (Of course don’t leave candles burning attended (obvs.)

Create a sacred space. You may want to sage, burn incense, use sound healing and if you’re a Theta Healer cleanse your room and download it with Unconditional Love and connect up into Theta  

Start with you: Say out load “I honour appreciate myself ” Then list off what you appreciate about yourself, your positive qualities the things you love. As you do this light your first candle and place it at the center.  Mine might be: “James I love that you love helping others” “I love that you try to be kind” “I love that you believe in your clients” “I love that you are silly with young students and make them laugh” etc……   

Appreciate your body: Say: I honour and appreciate my body” light your 2nd candle and bring to mind all that your body does for you. It’s amazing architecture and functions. Send love to every cell. Thank your organs, bones, tissues, aura, energy system e

Spiral Outwards – Create a spiral of love and appreciation outwards now to for close family, friends, pets, colleagues. You might consider:   

Your wider family, Community Members, Healing Buddies, Teachers who have helped you, Service providers Musicians, Artists, Writers, Spiritual Teachers, The Earth, The Solar System, The Universe and all beings out there….Light your candles as you go…..  

The list goes on. As you light your candles allow them to make a spiral formation.

Our feeling tone tends to be contagious so as you get on a roll with this you will most likely find more and more to love and appreciate. I believe as we send others love and compassion we also receive it. It’s like a law of Love. A toroidal flow of Universal energy.  As one of my teachers said:

As you uplift others you are uplifted yourself 


– David Ashworth 

And it’s so true. Take a moment to sit with your Spiral of Light and feel the love and the Gratitude let it expand, fill your heart and flow out into the world. It is done…..  

Ground yourself and make and energy break

If you would like to clear old patterns or would like help uplifting and transforming your life then I am available for healing sessions and you are welcome to book a free zoom consultation. If you would like to learn Theta Healing for yourself then I highly recommend Susie Valentine at From Head To Heart as an instructor .

I wish you a happy Imbolc and a joyful journey to the Spring Equinox


Bright Blessings



Glastonbury Abbey - Photograph by James Rippingale

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