Summer Solstice ’23

The Longest Day, the Shortest Night and a Question to Change Your Life...

Ah!… how we’ve waited for the sun! The year’s journey from dark to light has been eventful with lots of learning along the way for many of us hasn’t it? At this point in the Earth’s turning, when the sunlight peaks and the days are long, warm and bright I’m basking in the golden glow of this miraculous point in time. Nature is at it’s most beautiful. The heady scent of blossoms fills the air and it’s festival time! The longest day – the shortest night – Ah Summer and all it’s many blessings!  

As the sun grew to it’s peak I felt a rising of my own inner fire (I’m a Sagittrarius you know!) renewed self confidence and a deeper sense of purpose and drive. It’s good to know what you want to be, do, create and nurture and I’m catching an ever clearer vision. Since May I’ve received almost constant downloads of information and knowledge and I feel this can take this healing, teaching and service to others to a whole new level in future days.

I stepped up and took Theta Healing Instructor Training. I’ve studied and practiced this amazing modality for four years now, working with many amazing clients – truly remarkable people, studied and practiced for countless hours and helped out on many courses as an assistant. I love this so much! It makes my heart sing. It’s the most profound and powerful modality I’ve ever discovered and I knew it was time to take a leap so I did. 

Training was fantastic, spending time with the Stibal family (ThetaHealing founders) and feeling their gentle energy and guidance was a great privilege and I learnt so much. I’ll be offering courses starting from August – so watch this space for more information. If you would like to learn this profound modality, to tune in deeply to the incredible love and guidance that is already within you and if you feel ready to make positive changes in your life then contact me on the link below. I’d love to hear from you.

For those of you who aren’t yet Theta Healers I’d like to share another learning I’ve had recently, a simple life changing and beautiful thing for you to apply to daily life:

The Awesomeness of Empowering Questions 

Quite simply Questions are a truly remarkable tool for personal transformation. You see what we focus on is what we FEEL and how we feel (our “State”) affects everything we do. Humans can only focus on so much at a time and questions have the amazing ability to direct our focus and open doors to insights previously unavailable. Questions can change our feelings and focus massively if used intelligently and elegantly. Here’s a fun example: 

Healing Tales 

I recently visited some relatives and it was while traveling to see them that I started to realise the profound use of questions to change our lives. We all know that family gatherings can be erm….”challenging”… as beliefs and opinions clash and old anchors are triggered. I needed a way to stay focused, happy and in my heart. I love self healing, a skill I’ve developed with 100 of hours of Theta Healing so I had a little chat with myself: 


“James, what’s really your outcome here?” 


Beyond all the surface rammel  I knew deep down..


“Well, I want them to feel loved” 


Great! So is there a question you could use – like a mantra – to help them feel loved? 


Ah good question! Then in a flash of inspiration it came to me: 


“Yes, How can I love them even more?”


Now this question is epicly cool. Why? Because it contains two presuppositions: 1) That I already love them, that it’s possible and already happening we are already in love 2) that I can love them even more and that I’m opening to new ways to do this…. 

I immediately loved my new mantra and put it to use. While spending time with them I repeated it inwardly “How can I love them even more?” (I learnt this from Ram Dass who would constantly repeat Ram…. Ram….Ram… inwardly while offering spiritual counseling sessions). 

The effects were amazing! We had the most loving and warm interaction in years spending hours together. Each time I repeated my question I felt the warm energy of love flow through my body and my focus came back to my intention of love and connection.

This stuff is so simple and it works so I encourage you to try it! How could you use empowering questions in your life?  

Meanwhile in Avalon…..

Here in dear Glastonbury we’ll be celebrating the Solstice energies on the Tor this Wednesday. There is likely to be drumming, singing and great exuberance as we acknowledge this glorious point in the year. I’ll join with friends, climb the Tor and watch the sunset over Avalon – I might even ask some empowering questions while I’m at it we’ll see…..





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