Autumn Equinox – Balance and Transformation


Into a balance of opposites....

So here we are, the Summer is gently fading and the Autumn Equinox is upon us. In Glastonbury the trees are just beginning to let go of their leaves. Rich umbers, yellows and browns begin to appear and the fruits, nuts, chestnuts and berries are abundant on the branches.  It’s harvest time. Time to make jam, cider and pies! Time to celebrate nature’s glorious bounty. It’s this magical point in the year when night and day come into perfect balance. Now is the time to take stock of nature’s harvest, to give thanks for her abundance and to honor our inner and outer worlds as we prepare for the journey into winter’s icy darkness.

But let’s not fear the darkness! Instead, I invite you to see it as our ancestors did, as an invitation to go deep within, to honor and explore our inner world, the source power. I invite you use these times to connect with your deep intuitive knowing, your inner fire.  

A good old clear out.....

Now is a great time to cleanse our inner and outer spaces.  With the change of seasons it’s like the earth is calling us to let go and evolve. I’ve had such an urge to clear the old, cumbersome, and unnecessary inside and out. At times I’ve had to follow my gut and stand up for my truth even when it defies all logic, and, as I do, the inner fire burns brighter and stronger than ever. If my gut says yes I go for it, if not I walk away. Simple. 

I’m upgrading, clearing, refining, freeing and it feels great as the house billows with incense and music. In healings deep, long forgotten hurts have surfaced to be acknowledged, heard, understood, honored, their lessons finally learned and the pain thankfully released. It’s as if the Equinox energies promote cleansing, pushing unconscious issues to the surface for healing. 

I’m seeing how incredibly helpful it is to work with skilled intuitives to clear the crap, that an excellent healer can save one years of floundering and pain.

Going Deep

In my teaching practice I have been sharing the art of digging deep below the surface, allowing the subconscious mind to open and reveal it’s secrets and create deep change as stacks of limiting beliefs dissolve and collapse revealing the beautiful truth. It’s still amazing to me that Theta Healing can do this and I’m so grateful to be on this adventure in life and healing.

Meanwhile in Glastonbury


Here in Glastonbury I’m planning a day of Equinox celebrations. The Chalice Well gardens will be open to all in the morning with a fire, tea and cakes for a community gathering. I want to go out and collect chestnuts in the garden of The Beckett’s Inn and leaves on Tor leisure field and sprinkle them on my fireplace. In the evening there’s the Community Night at Glastonbury Assembly Rooms and I might play some Bach, my own harvest as I started these pieces back in January…

So how will you enjoy this Autumn Equinox? I invite you to find balance in your own way, to explore your own inner world, to hear your guidance, collect leaves, nuts, fruits and berries to frolic in nature’s splendor and to release all that no longer serves you and renew. Happy Equinox!



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