Samhain, Trees, Hot Chocolate and the Art of Letting Go

Samhain, Trees, Hot Chocolate and the Art of Letting Go……

Picture taken in Sons of Asgard - Glastonbury, UK with thanks to Sons of Asgard Sculptures by Philippa Bowers

Hello I’m James, a Theta Healer and Musician based in Glastonbury, UK. Our town has a rich tradition of honoring the Celtic Wheel of the Year with it’s 8 festival points. After 6 years of living here I feel inspired to write my own impressions and experiences of these beautiful festival times thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy!

I’m writing this at Samhain. One of the 8 festival points in the Celtic Wheel of the Year that include the Equinoxes and Solstices as well as Imbolc, Beltain, Lugnnasa and Samhain (pronounced Sow-ein). Samhain (at the end of October) was, for the Celts, the beginning of their New Year. A time of renewal when the days grow short and the world grows dark. A time to return to the dark womb of the Earth Mother to recuperate and begin anew.

As I write this in Glastonbury the trees are just starting to turn to rich colours of gold, brown and red. The sun, with it’s lower position in the sky beams a magical, golden light on the town and the dark nights are gently drawing in. Dry leaves blow through the streets and into people’s homes and there are pumpkins staring out of windows with toothy grins.


Samhain is a wonderful time to really go within, to withdraw from activity and take a moment to rest. As the trees draw their sap downwards into the earth and prepare for winter it feels natural to want to go within and work on self healing and regeneration too in the coziness of your own home, with candles, blankets and a hot chocolate too if you like. 

So, as the trees prepare to let go, I’ve been having some remarkable healing experiences of my own: 

A Healing Tale: Letting Go

A few days ago I awoke at midnight feeling guided to do some self healing. I’ve been releasing resentments a lot recently. You see, just like the trees dropping their leaves, the power of forgiveness lies in us releasing that which no longer serves us and Theta Healing helps beautifully with this.

So many of us hold old resentments that cause a considerable drain on our energy. But why do we do this? 

I believe that we hold resentments because, in some way, we think they are helping us. This is called a “payoff”; in some way we are trying to right a wrong, solve a problem, protect ourselves etc…. We rarely know the true root cause until we connect to our own inner guidance to dig beneath the surface. Well I admit…….et hem…. I had a fairly long list to clear so I connected to Source and asked: 

“Out of these which should I focus on to create the greatest healing?” 


The answer came in clear as day. “This one”……… 


“Oh no not that one!” I said “That’ll never clear!….. 


“That’s the one” said the guidance. Well I’ve been learning to trust so I went with it and what followed felt like a miracle.


It took about 15 mins to dig out the root of this old, deep resentment. By connecting with my guidance I was assisted in digging out the payoffs, seeing what lessons I was learning and to “download” from Source the feelings and beliefs I needed in order to heal. 

As it cleared I felt an incredible rush of love, heart energy flowing like golden light through my chest and body, followed by peace. Incredibly when I muscle tested the whole list had cleared too! I was amazed! Every single one of about 20 resentments had just  gone, some that had been around for years! 


Delighted and relieved I went happily back to bed…..        

Samhain Blessings........

To the Celts the darkness did not have a negative connotation but was instead associated with regeneration. Much like the seed that goes underground to germinate in the soft, dark soil, this time of year invites us to go within, to release what no longer serves us and to prepare to birth the new. It is this positive attitude to the darkness that I find so fascinating about the Celts and their understanding of the world. In the same way our resentments are all in some way trying to serve us and the art of healing is to work out how they serve us and then find more beneficial ways to recieve these benefits. 

It’s going to be an eventful Samhain weekend here in Glastonbury. The town’s red and white Dragons will be processing on Saturday culminating with a fire ceremony on Tor Leisure field and Monday will see a flurry of activity at The Chalice Well Gardens when they have their special Samhain ceremony. I’m looking forward to connecting to some truly wonderful people over the festivities as we embrace the season and the darkness together and share blessings.  


I invite you to enjoy the Samhain energy too and here are some ideas: 

Take a moment to embrace to darkness – turn off your lights and sit by candle light or even better have a bonfire with friends. Take time to ponder on the return to the dark womb of the Earth Mother.


Go outside and enjoy the sumptuous earthy smell of leaves so special to this time.


Enjoy some hearty earthy soups with yummy seasonal vegetables, pulses and beans.   


Take time for your own self healing. What are you ready to release? What can you let go of that no longer serves you? Give yourself time to go within at this auspicious time in harmony with the seasons. If you would like help with this then I am available for one to one sessions and you can book your free consultation here. I can also highly recommend taking some Theta Healing courses with my teacher Susie Valentine. You can access her website here.

Healing Downloads

If you feel that it’s right for you say “Yes” to these seasonal healing downloads: 


Can Creator show you what it feels like to how it feels to truly and deeply rest and recuperate?


Can Creator show you that it’s OK to do this without guilt or fear and that you deserve time to yourself? 


Can Creator show you how it feels to be able to replenish your energy so that you feel strong, vital and grounded on the earth, connected with the Earth Mother and her beutiful energy? 


Would you like to know how it feels to live without resentment? That this is possible for you and that you do?  


Would you like Creator’s definition of forgiveness and to know what this feels like?  That you know how and when to forgive? 


Can we teach you how it feels to really flow with the changing energy of the earth and the seasons and to commune with nature in the highest and best way for you?             


Can we teach you that it is safe to release that which no longer serves you with grace, elegance and ease and how it feels to move forwards into new wonderful experiences? 

Thanks for reading. 


Wishing you Bright Blessings and a Happy Samhain!



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