Are You Ready to Change Your Life?


The Gentle Art of Unfolding –  7 Week Healing Journey


7 ThetaHealing Sessions with James


With 7 weeks of ongoing support over to help you 

change your beliefs and change your life 


“James is a gentle giant of a Theta Healer. The lightness of his work leads to profound and lasting changes throughout your system. It has to be experienced to be believed and to fully appreciate the magical impact it has”
Lynn Whittaker
Life Coach & McTimoney Chiropractor
I would highly recommend James to anyone who wishes to permanently transform their state of being and their lives. I feel his gentleness and relaxed manner make him very easy to feel safe with and explore and release deep seated beliefs
Global Healing and Evolution Network -
“During our sessions James was so focused. He patiently explored my issues, gradually unearthing, and healing, the real root of my problems. I highly recommend both James and Theta Healing”
Linda Combes
Glastonbury - UK

How do you know if this is for you?

The Gentle Art of Unfolding is for you if : 

You are ready to make changes and would like the support of regular healings to help you get results. 

Now is the time and you are ready to go! 

You are open to Spirituality and Energy Healing and you want to shift old toxic thought patterns, unhelpful emotions and limiting beliefs with energy work (and yes it does work) 

You are ready to release the old, open your heart 

and love yourself even more.