Healing With James - Packages

Individual Healing Session


A single introductory healing – this is great if you would like to experience a healing and see if this is for you.


In the session we will focus on one specific issue that you would like to heal and work together to release limiting beliefs and patterns.

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3 Session Package


A package of 3 ThetaHealing sessions delivered over the course of 6 weeks giving us the opportunity to to work together within to a 6 week time frame.


This way the healings can build on each other, going deeper and deeper each time as we focus on releasing limiting beliefs and creating the change you desire.

The Transformation Experience

6 Sessions over 12 Weeks


6 Healing Sessions over the course of 12 weeks. Experience the benefit of regular healing sessions focused on you and your goals.


6 sessions delivered within a 12 week time container you can experience the transformative effect of regular healing sessions allowing us to go deeper and deeper over time to create the changes you desire.


Are you ready to take your life to the next level? If so now is your time and this is for you!

“James is a gentle giant of a Theta Healer. The lightness of his work leads to profound and lasting changes throughout your system. It has to be experienced to be believed and to fully appreciate the magical impact it has”
Lynn Whittaker
Life Coach & McTimoney Chiropractor
I would highly recommend James to anyone who wishes to permanently transform their state of being and their lives. I feel his gentleness and relaxed manner make him very easy to feel safe with and explore and release deep seated beliefs
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“During our sessions James was so focused. He patiently explored my issues, gradually unearthing, and healing, the real root of my problems. I highly recommend both James and Theta Healing”
Linda Combes
Glastonbury - UK